Envision. Transform. Realize.

Envision a Northern Kentucky riverfront community celebrating the region's heritage and current accomplishments while driving a bold vision of the future. Creating a leading-edge, vibrant "Southbank" - the riverfront areas of Ludlow, Covington, Newport, Bellevue, Dayton and Fort Thomas - is more than a dream. The collaboration of these communities under Southbank Partners is transforming the vision into reality.


The Southbank economy is thriving. Spectacular view, charming historic districts, bustling business districts, and award-winning new construction converge; creating an exciting sustainable community. Beautiful hotels, cool office environments, hip retail spaces, and amazing residential opportunities couples with major public attractions and entertainment venues are in three stages of development: thriving, underway and planned.


Easy navigation is crucial to the vitality of Southbank. Improving access to the area and enhancing the walkability throughout the neighborhoods are key priorities. The premiere Southbank Partners project, Riverfront commons, links Southbank with a riverfront trail; providing a pedestrian alternative and recreational opportunities.


Southbank Partners maximizes the opportunities and marketability of the most exciting address in the Tri-State Region... Southbank.

Imagination 2020

Imagination 2020 is an economic development action plan for the Southbank cities covering 11 miles of Northern Kentucky Ohio Riverfront.