Posted on Wednesday, October 4, 2017 by Joyce Joyce McMullin in In The News
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Southbank Partners, The City of Newport and The Newport Foundation announced today the development of an exciting and vibrant new gateways to the city that features tax deductible naming rights and sponsorship opportunities.

There will be 3 monuments . One at the terminus of the Taylor-Southgate Bridge. Second will be at the terminus of the Veterans Memorial Bridge (know as 4th Street Bridge) that connects Covington and Newport. The third will be a picturesque arch that will tower over KY Route 9 at the City's northwest entrance.

To help with the cost of the gateway monuments, Southbank Partners and The City of Newport are offering the Circle naming rights and the 24 Mural sponsorship opportunities to corporations, small businesses, foundations, organizations, families and individuals through the Newport Foundation, which is a 501-C-3 organization.

The two primary Circle naming rights are being offered at $250,000 each; with the 24 Mural sponsorships being offered for $25,000 each.

Jack Moreland states that naming rights are an excellent opportunity for a sponsor to build a legacy as well as being recognized as a destination in the community. Think of Dupont Circle in Washington D. C. The naming of the gateway monuments in Newport offers the same sort of lasing impact.

For more information on naming rights and or sponsorship opportunities contact Joyce McMullin at Southbank Partners, 859-655-7700 or