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Southbank Partners President, Jack Moreland, gave an update on Southbank’s 6 River Cities Projects at the Northern Kentucky Chamber’s Egg N’ Issues.  Southbank is working with the 6 River Cities of Ludlow, Covington, Newport, Bellevue, Dayton and Ft. Thomas along with Kenton and Campbell Counties to revitalize the urban core through economic development, tourism and connectivity. 

Jack’s power-point showed concept designs, projects under construction, funded projects ready to start and projects completed.

KY RT 9 – This project has been talked about since 1964.  Construction equipment and crews are now on site near the 12th Street Bridge in Newport where there will be a roundabout and also one will be near th 4th Street Bridge in Covington.  This will allow for an easier flow of traffic between the east side of Covington and the west side of Newport.

DAYTON MANHATTAN HARBOUR – Developer David Imboden $400 Million Project.  Single-family home are currently under construction.

RFC – BELLEVUE – 1st phase has been funded and will be started in 2015.  Signage for RFC is in the process of being made.

TAYLOR CREEK -   Located near Joe’s Crab shack is estimated at $3.8 million.  Taylor Creek is envisioned as an open space with views of the Ohio River and Mt. Adams.

AQUA ON THE LEVEE - $80 Million project is jointly financed by Price Group and Capital Investment Group.  Project will feature Hotel, Retail Stores, Parking and rental units.  Project is under construction and will open in phases in 2016.

RFC – Newport 1st phase completed.

New attraction to Newport on the Levee.

Newport Riverfront – concept designs for Newport Festival Park.

RFC – Newport 2nd phase – connectivity from Taylor Southgate Bridge       to Levee.

Travel Lodge gone – Future home of Hampton Inn.

Newport – 4th Street School sold – making way for upscale condos.

Newwport – Monmouth Row – Completed and open for business.

RFC – Covington 1st phase and Covington Riverfront Park concept design.

Cincy Red Bikes are now in Covington, Newport and Bellevue.

RFC – Ludlow 1st phase behind City Park and High School Football Field.  Riverfront Property recently sold for development.

Presentation photos included.